The EURISOL Users Group (EURISOL-UG) is an organization of scientists, students and research personnel who are interested in research and development at the planned EURISOL facility.


The objectives of the EURISOL-UG are:

• To build up an identifiable User Community for EURISOL.

• To regularly update the EURISOL Physics Case.

• To furnish input to the EURISOL project.

• To interact with the user communities of the current ISOL facilities.

• To lobby to obtain financial support to proceed towards the realization of the EURISOL Facility.


The membership to the EURISOL-UG is open to scientists, students and research personnel interested in research at the planned EURISOL facility. Persons wishing to join the UG are requested to register to the EURISOL-UG via the web page


The Users Executive Committee is established to represent the Users Group and to coordinate actions to reach the objectives defined above.

• The Executive Committee is elected by the registered members of the UG.

• The Executive Committee consists of nine members, whose elected term of office is four years.

• No more than two members of the Executive Committee can be from the same country.

• The Chair and the Vice-Chair are elected by the nine members of the Executive Committee.

• The Chair acts as liaison between the scientific community and bodies that are preparing the construction of EURISOL.

• The term of the Chair and the Vice-Chair is two years, renewable only once.

• Every second year there will be an election to renew alternatively, four or five members of the UEC.

• The Executive Committee will meet at least twice a year. Minutes of each meeting will be posted on the EURISOL-UG web page.

The EURISOL-UEC will maintain communications through appropriate means, e.g. via a Newsletter, the EURISOL-UG web page, an electronic mailing list, regular meetings or shared databases.
Amendments to this Charter can be proposed by any member of the UG, through submission to the UEC and have to be accepted by two thirds of the UEC.

AMENDMENT proposed by Y.Blumenfeld and C. Scheidenberger on 12th May 2016:
“A representative of the NUSPRASEN network of ENSAR2 is ex-officio member of the UEC without voting rights for the duration of the ENSAR2 contract.”

Approved on 19th May 2016 by: D. Ackermann, B. Blank, A. Bonaccorso, L. Ferreira, M. Lewitowicz, A. Maj.