Elections of four new members of the UEC

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The elections for replacing four members of the UEC have taken place in the period 21-28 May 2010. Candidates were the current members of the UEC plus

Adam Maj (PL)
Andrei Andreyev (GB)
Christian Forssen (S)
Daniel Napoli (I)
Dave Jenkins (GB)
Feisal Azaies (F)
Giacomo Cuttone (I)
Gilles de France (F)
Hans Fynbo (DK)
Lidia Ferreira (P)
Luis Mario Fraile (E)
Marc Labiche (GB)
Marco Cinausero (I)
Marek Ploszajczak (F)
Maria Colonna (I)
Michael Block (D)
Paddy Regan (GB)
Sara Pirrone (I)
Valentina Ricciardi (D)

The results were checked by the “electoral commission” composed by Yorick Blumenfeld and Alberto Facco for the Eurisol Office, Juha Äystö for the former Eurisol DS steering committee and Angela Bonaccorso for the Eurisol UG.

There were 187 voters and the new UEC is composed by

Dieter Ackermann (D)
Bertram Blank (F)
Angela Bonaccorso (I)
Lidia Ferreira (P)
Hans Fynbo (DK)
Ari Jokinen (FIN)
Marek Lewitowicz (F)
Adam Maj (PL)
Paddy Regan (GB)

Special thanks go to Giacomo De Angelis, Rober Page, Berta Rubio and Michael Thoennessen for their enthusiasm and work done in the past two years within the UEC. We are sure they will continue to support the Eurisol project, I particular Berta and Giacomo are already involved in the organization of the next topical meeting on “Neutron deficient exotic nuclei and the Physics of the “proton rich side” of the nuclear chart” which will be held next spring in Valencia (date tba). The present organizing committee is composed by B. Rubio, rubio@ific.uv.es (Chair), D. Ackermann, B. Blank, A. Bonaccorso, G. de Angelis, A. Jokinen.

The next UEC meeting is fixed at CERN during the Isolde workshop (8-10Dec) and in that occasion the new Chair and Vice-Chair of the UG will be elected.

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