Opening of a PhD grant in N.Orr group related to work at GANIL, RIKEN

April 25, 2008 on 8:21 pm | In News from labs | 1 Comment

PhD in experimental nuclear physics with radioactive beams,
we have an opening in our group related to work at GANIL, RIKEN and possibly
other labs.

The fellowship is for 3 years and pays approx 1750 €/month (gross) and includes
medical insurance etc (usual french employment conditions).

The candidiates need to have completed a Masters (or equivalent) in the last 2 years.
They don’t need to speak French now, however the thesis must be written at the end
of the 3 years in french. The CNRS would make available the possibility to follow
french language classes if the student is interested.

Contact Dr. Nigel Orr
The closing date for applications is the 22 May.

EURISOL UEC Elections: Results.

April 22, 2008 on 10:10 am | In User Group | Comments Off on EURISOL UEC Elections: Results.

The members elected to the first EURISOL UEC are:

Dieter Ackermann (Germany),
Bertram Blank (France),
Giacomo De Angelis (Italy),
Ari Jokinen (Finland),
Marek Lewitowicz (France),
Robert Page (UK),
Berta Rubio (Spain),
Michael Thoennessen (USA).

Thanks to all candidates for their willingness to work towards Eurisol future realization, in the hope they will continue to support the project. The complete results are available in the protected page Complete Results for UEC Elections at which it is possible to accede using the password the Users will receive in the next Newsletter.

There have been 354 voters. Thanks to all of you who by voting have shown interest in the Eurisol project and in particular to Juha Äystö and Yorick Blumenfeld for their assistance in the voting process. A special thank goes to Domenico Lazzarato, who on this occasion has shown to fully deserve the title of web “Master”.

Finally please note that there will be an open meeting of the User Group at Giens, during EURORIB08 on the Wednesday (June 11 at 21:00h) and another one during next year final Eurisol DS Town Meeting at Pisa, 30th March – 4th April 2009.