Temporary Charter

February 5, 2008 on 1:05 pm | In User Group | Comments Off on Temporary Charter

Following the recommendation of the community as expressed during the recent Florence meeting a Temporary Charter for the UG has been prepared. Please take some time to look at it and express your comments.

It is now time to proceed with the election of the User Group Executive Committee (UEC) as defined in the Temporary Charter.

A. Voting list:

All members of the community (permanent staff, postdocs and students) interested in science and/or technology relating to EURISOL may join the UG.

All members of the UG are automatically registered to vote. Please encourage interested colleagues to register through this site.

B. Candidates:

All members of the UG can be candidates for the UEC.

If you would like to participate actively in the preparation of our next generation facility EURISOL by being member of the UEC, please post a message on this site or send an e-mail to Angela Bonaccorso at bonac@df.unipi.it, including your full name, academic position and affiliation. Deadline for submitting candidatures to the UEC is March 2.