What do you like to read?

March 7, 2007 on 7:39 pm | In News from literature | Comments Off on What do you like to read?

If you look here http://top25.sciencedirect.com/?journal_id=03759474 you will find the most downloaded articles from NUCL. PHYS. A of the Oct-Dec 2006 trimester. I am writing this just as an example, not to advertise NPA.
Shall we do something similar and post articles that we think are interesting for the future of EURISOL? Of course, with appropriate comments to explain them, showing that we have really read them. You should not post or comment your own articles (nor ask your best friends to do it !!).

I start with a couple of papers on the problem of the tensor force in exotic nuclei (which I plan to read at the weekend!):
Tensor Forces and the Ground-State Structure of Nuclei.
R. Schiavilla, R. B. Wiringa, Steven C. Pieper and J. Carlson
PRL 98, 132501 (2007).
Evolution of nuclear shells with the Skyrme density dependent
D. M. Brink and Fl. Stancu

Who would like to be my correspondent?

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For each Laboratory in which RIBs are produced we would like to have a correspondent who would post news that is useful for the future of EURISOL. It is a job of great responsibility – please let us know who is ready to take it!

Here is an interesting news: FIDIPRO project at Jyvaskyla:
it is an excellent project, go and read about it!

Welcome users

March 4, 2007 on 4:34 am | In Eurisol user group news | Comments Off on Welcome users

This is the beginning of our activities as an Eurisol user group. The first thing to decide is how we should be organized. Here are my preliminary suggestions and I am looking forward to your feedback.

The first step is to decide on the contents and activities.

Entering http://www.lnl.infn.it/~eurisol_test/blog/
you will see that there are so called “pages” and “categories”.

In “categories” I am thinking of having something like:
Eurisol user group news
News from labs
News from literature

For each category I (and/or you) will put news that I will collect from friends and advisors within and outside Eurisol community. I will not write all possible news, but just those which look relevant to our project. You will be able to do the same.

Finally “Pages” can be the real documents which will come out of the discussions.

The general idea is that trying to follow very closely all the progress in the exotic beam activities we should be able to go always a bit further and propose new developments for the Eurisol project. This will work if the administrators, editors and authors propose new ideas than the “contributors” will discuss by writing their comments on the blog. Of course the “contributors’ will be asked to propose anything they think is useful, then depending on the community reaction the people on top will decide which are the interesting subjects of discussion to be studied further and then posted on the blog as new documents under “pages”. All this should be rather interactive. I hope you understand that this is a new method to work together, therefore please try to be patient and constructive with your comments/suggestions.

In order to get started you should login. All of you who are interested in the EURISOL project should go to the link “Join EURISOL mailing list and User Group?” and register. For those who are already in the Eurisol mailing list it will be just a way to update and complete our database and then recieve an username and password to contribute to the blog. Please try to leave your comments and I hope you enjoy blogging!!

PS: If you feel lost you can write to me in a traditional way: I am Angela Bonaccorso, bonac@df.unipi.it . But before doing that try to ask your children. Most probably they know very well what a blog is and how it works…