TASK 8 - SC Cavity Development

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The superconducting cavity development task will provide the fabrication and tests of fully equipped SC cavity prototypes and at the design, fabrication and test of a multipurpose cryomodule for the low energy section of the proton driver linac (also suitable for the post-accelerator). A test of the cryomodule with low intensity proton beam will be also performed. top
From 28/05/2009 to 28/05/2009
JM-26 - Costing Workshop
Location: CERN, Geneva, Room 104-R-B09   
Workshop on costing for Task leaders 10 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.
From 22/01/2009 to 23/01/2009
JM-24 - Joint Meeting on Risk register
Location: CERN   
Discussion on the risk register compilation according information provided by each task
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From 13/06/2007 to 14/06/2007
JM-13 - Task 7+Task 8 - 5th Joint Meeting
Location: Orsay   
Joint meeting of the Task 7- Proton Accelerator and Task 8 - Superconducting cavity Development groups.
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From 29/11/2006 to 29/11/2006
JM-06 - Task 7 & 8 4th Joint Meeting
Location: CERN   
4th edition of the joint meeting of task 7 and task 8 of the Eurisol Design Study
From 05/05/2006 to 05/05/2006
JM-04 - Benefits of Extended Capabilities of the Driver Accelerator
Location: GSI Darmstadt   
Evaluation of the arguments for HI capability and investigation of the technical and financial consequences on the project. Task 3, 7, 8 and 11 joint meeting
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From 02/04/2006 to 04/04/2006
JM-02 - Task 7 and 8 Joint Meeting
Location: SOREQ NRC, Yavne, Israel   
Task 7 meeting will be held, together to the Task 8 one, in April 2-4. The location will be the SOREQ laboratory in Israel, where the SARAF high power proton-deuteron linac is under construction. Topics of the meeting will be 1) 90 MeV linac baseline design choice and deuteron capabilities; 2) comparison of two 90-180 MeV linac options; 3) the 180-1000 MeV linac baseline design; 4) cw beam splitting for multiple users.
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From 30/11/2005 to 30/11/2005
T08-02 - T8 - T7 second meeting
Location: GANIL   
T8 - T7 second meeting
From 31/03/2005 to 31/03/2005
T08-01 - T8 first meeting
Location: LEGNARO ITALY   
First meeting off the Eurisol-DS task 8
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