TASK 5 - Safety & Radioprotection

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A reliable procedure will be provided for a) characterisation of radioactive inventory, b) dose and shielding estimates, c) containment of radioactivity, d) radioactive target handling, storage and disposal, e) safety and risk analysis, and f) conformity to the legislation. Major efforts will be directed to the high power target station (few MW).
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30/07/2009 -Task : TASK 5
Author(s) :D. Ene, J. C. David, D. Doré, D. Ridikas

This report summarises the radiation protection studies conducted for the EURISOL post-accelerator. The goals of the work were to study the important radiological aspects of the post- accelerator layout, to make pre-conceptual designs for the most important items including the tunnel, the beam dump and experimental area, to characterize the radiation environment through over the installation and its impact on the EURISOL facility, and to identify further required analyses.
EURISOL Multi‐MW Target  MAFF configuration - Radiological Protection, Radiation Safety and  Shielding Aspects 
03/07/2009 -Task : TASK 5
Author(s) :Y. Romanets and R. Luís 

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Estimation of Radiation Protection Shielding for a EURISOL Linear Proton Accelerator
24/06/2009 -Task : TASK 5
Author(s) :Thomas Otto, CERN

A linear accelerator for protons, based on superconducting radiofrequency technology, is envisaged as a driver accelerator for the isotope production targets in a future EURISOL facility. This note reports basic estimates of the required radiation protection shielding of such an accelerator.
Radiation protection aspects of the EURISOL Multi-MW target shielding
13/02/2009 -Task : TASK 5
Author(s) :D. Ene, J.-C. David, D. Doré, B. Rapp, D. Ridikas

This work is focused on the approach used to assess the radiological characterisation and to support waste analysis for the multi-MW power target shielding being the most challenging both in terms of technological and safety issues.
Screening Approach to the Activation of Soil and Contamination of Groundwater at Linear Proton Accelerator Sites
06/02/2009 -Task : TASK 5
Author(s) :Thomas OTTO, CERN

The activation of soil and the contamination of groundwater at proton accelerator sites with the radionuclides 3H and 22Na are estimated with a Monte-Carlo calculation and a conservative soil- and ground water model. The obtained radionuclide concentrations show that the underground environment of future accelerators must be adequately protected against a migration of activation products. This study is of particular importance for the proton driver accelerator in the planned EURISOL facility.

D1 Radiation, activation, dose
No Milestones and expected results of this task Months due Months achieved Related documents
D1 /M1.1 Validation of code 6 12 05-25-2006-0002
D1 /M1.2 Radiation & activation estimates 12 36 05-25-2006-0008
D1 /M1.3 Shielding guidelines 48 53 05-25-2009-0030

D2 Radioactivity control, safety and risk
No Milestones and expected results of this task Months due Months achieved Related documents
D2 /M2.1 Dispersion of radioactivity 17 17 05-25-2006-0004
D2 /M2.2 Test of purification system 31 38 05-25-2008-0025
D2 /M2.3 Contaiment of radioactivity 17 22 05-25-2008-0024
D2 /M2.4 Activity transport in ground water 17 22 05-25-2007-0020

D3 Decommissioning issues
No Milestones and expected results of this task Months due Months achieved Related documents
D3 /M3 Decommissioning issues investigation 51 53 05-25-2009-0034

D4 Conformity to legislation
No Milestones and expected results of this task Months due Months achieved Related documents
D4 /M4 Conformity to legislation studies 46 36 05-25-2008-0026