Minutes EUC meeting Nov 29th 2017

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Minutes of the meeting of the Eurisol Users Executive Committee at IFIC
Videoconference November the 29th 2017

10.00 to 11.30


Giacomo de Angelis
Didier Beaumel
Angela Bonaccorso (observer)
Maria Borge
Lidia Ferreira
Adam Maj
Riccardo Raabe
Berta Rubio

Iain Moore and Haik Simon

1.Approval of the minutes of our last meeting in Valencia.
The minutes were approved

2. Summary of the Lisbon meeting (a) and the SC meeting in Lisbon (b).
(a) The Lisbon meeting was a success, the committee congratulates LF for the smooth running of the meeting. The speakers were well prepared and focussed their talks on the Eurisol DF scenario.
(b) Main points (for the UEC) of the SC discussion.
• There is a writing group for the Eurisol DF case composed of Yorick Blumenfeld, Marek Lewitowicz and BR. The idea is to write a physics case that can be used in discussion with the different laboratories. It should be ready in March,2018. It will have an executive summary that can be used for the ESFRI roadmap application. It was decided to add one more member to this group, if possible from Italy. It was decided to ask Angela Bracco to join the writing group.
• ALTO will join the Eurisol DF initiative through GANIL (There will still be a single French representative)
• Town meeting Pisa. It was proposed to use the topics suggested by Gerda Neyens in her concluding remarks at Lisbon as possible topics for the meeting in Pisa.

3. Proceedings of the Lisbon meeting
The speakers were each asked to produce a two-page contribution. LF will collect the contributions. She will also ask the conveners of each topic to add one page/paragraph summarising what was discussed. LF will write an introduction to the proceedings. B. R. will put the documents together and add a cover. BR will ask Christoph Scheidenberger whether he can provide the finance for printing the copies. The estimated price will be 2 k€. If his answer is positive, she will take care of the printing and the distribution.

4. The Pisa Town meeting.
The format of the Pisa meeting is the following: One day of technological development carried out in the framework of the JRA (responsible Yorick Blumenfeld), half a day political/strategic/committee discussions. One day physics.

The very preliminary webpage can be seen here


The following scenario is proposed.
• On the Technical developments day, there will also be discussion of instrumentation for Eurisol DF. There will be a call for ideas for Instrumentation that can be moved and used at more than one Eurisol DF facility. This has to be agreed by Y. Blumenfeld.
• To be discussed on the day devoted to physics:
(a) Theory of the r-process. An effort will be made to invite Almudena Arcones or Gabriel Martinez Pinedo. This is particularly appropriate considering the VIRGO situation, very close to Pisa.
(b) Reactions with light nuclei
(c) Fundamental interaction studies
(d) 78Ni region
(e) Shape isomers in Z=50 and Z=82 regions
(f) N near Z nuclei
Points (b) to (f) should include theory and experiments

4. Renewal of the UEC chair for one year.

BR was renewed for one year. In discussion, it was thought that one year is too short to occupy such a position. Her mandate for one year was an exception since in the Charter it is said that that the chair and vice-chair should be elected for two years with the possibility of renewal for a second term only. She said she can commit herself for only one more year.

Link to the Charter:


5. Web page. The web page was organised some time ago as a joint effort by Pisa and Legnaro. The documents can be uploaded but the repository now is located at different places, mainly in Pisa (personal computer of AB), or at CERN, and now in Valencia. This situation is far from ideal. RR volunteered to take care of the situation. He has some local help and also a storage place where to put all the documents. AB will send him all the information. We will hear more at the next meeting.

6. AOB

It would be desirable to have the presentations of the Lisbon meeting accessible as soon as possible. BR will ask LF about this issue in an email at the end of the meeting.

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