Minutes UEC Meeting Valencia 17 Feb 2017

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Minutes of the meeting of the Eurisol Users Executive Committee at IFIC
Valencia February the 13th 2017

9.00 to 15.00-17.00

Didier Beaumel
Maria Borge
Adam Maj
Iain Moore
Berta Rubio
Haik Simon
Yorick Blumenfeld (observer)
Connected remotely: (unfortunately the connection didn’t have the desired quality)
Lidia Ferreira
Angela Bonaccorso (observer)
Marek Lewitowicz (only for point number1)
Giacomo de Angelis
Riccardo Raabe


1 Eurisol DF and the EU application to the ESFRI list (Marek Lewitowicz).

2 Eurisol UG and Eurisol DF Steering Committee relationship (Introduction by BR).

3 The JRA activities (Yorick Blumenfeld)

4 Eurisol and NUSPRASEN (Introduction Angela Bonaccorso).
Travelling and other possible expenses.

5 Eurisol and the NUPECC roadmap Town Meeting (Introduction Maria Borge)

6 The Users Group and the updating of the Eurisol mailing list.

7 Eurisol UG activities in general: Topical Meetings, the Pisa Conference…
1. Marek Lewitowicz was invited to make a presentation on Eurisol DF and the EU application to the ESFRI list, this was followed by a short discussion. The slides are attached to these minutes. They include the definition of Eurisol DF, the organization and its goals, the Leuven Conference, the working groups and the plans for applications to the ESFRI list (writing committee- Marek Lewitowicz, Yorick Blumenfeld and Berta Rubio). It was the wish of ML and the members of the Eurisol UEC agreed that there will be fluent communication between the Eurisol DF Executive Committee and the Eurisol UEC. This includes the exchange of minutes.
Marek’s presentation was followed by a discussion among the committee members and observers. It was agreed that Eurisol DF is a good move in the short to medium term in order to maintain the momentum of the Eurisol project towards the ultimate goal, namely to construct a large, high intensity ISOL facility.
It was followed by a discussion on how the proposed Eurisol DF might work in practice in terms of experimental proposals being made to the combined “Distributed Facilities” (two at least). Since Spes is somehow in the future this involves mainly Isolde and Spiral2 at present, so it was agreed that one should consider associated members (working facilities) as well (ALTO, COPIN, JYFL).
It was stated that the Isolde collaboration Committee refuses to dedicate a percentage of beamtime to Eurisol DF. The reason is that this could be seen as a back door to get beamtime while scientific excellence should always prevail and this should be judged by the facility itself (their PAC). From the point of view of the users, which we represent, it was thought that asking the proposer to present the same proposal to two different committees was not an acceptable solution.
One possible solution would be to have a common Eurisol DF PAC containing 3 members of the main facilities and 1 member of the associated members. This would include the chair in each case. The approved experiments will then be presented at the individual facilities by the experts of the Eurisol PAC and ask for endorsement.
2. Berta Rubio reminded the assistants about the new UEC composition and the overlap with previous committee (Lidia Ferreira and Adam Maj), as well as the overlap with the Eurisol DF EC (Maria Borge, Adam Maj, full members, Berta Rubio and Yorick Blumenfeld, observers). Also a record of previous Eurisol topical meetings was presented for later discussions. “The formation and structure of r-process nuclei, between N=50 and 82” Catania 2009.“Neutron deficient exotic nuclei and the Physics of the “proton rich side” of the nuclear chart” Valencia 2011.“Physics of Light Exotic Nuclei”Lisbon 2012.“Going to the limits of mass, temperature, spin and isospin with heavy Radioactive Ion Beams” Krakow 2013.“Innovative Instrumentation for EURISOL”York 2013.
3. Yorick Blumenfeld gave a presentation on ENSAR2 activities in general and on JRA6-Eurisol activities in particular (tasks, Innovative Charge Breeding, development of Chemically reactive beams, chart of radioactive Ion beams in Europe). Slides are attached to these minutes. He also informed the meeting that the Eurisol UEC activities were at first included in JRA6 but this was objected to by the EU with the recommendation to move it to NUSPRASEN which is an ENSAR network on “Nuclear Structure Physics, Reactions, Astrophysics and Superheavy Elements Network ».

4. Angela Bonaccorso then presented the Eurisol UEC activities contemplated in NUSPRASEN. The slides are attached to these minutes. In summary, there are 11.7 k€ in Pisa reserved for the Eurisol Town Meeting in this city in 2018 (organisers Angela Bonaccorso and Adam May) and for Angela Bonaccorso’s related travelling expenses. 18.7 k€ are available at Giessen for other Eurisol users activities which could be spent in 2017-2019, ie, about 6 k€ per year.
It was agreed that this money could be used for other Eurisol workshops or for travelling to the Eurisol UEC meetings when needed, as in the case of Adam Maj on the present occasion (only partial support).
5. The NUPECC roadmap Town Meeting at GSI on 11th-13th of January and the discussion of Eurisol DF there was introduced by Maria Borge. The impression was in general positive but the feeling is that the presence of Eurisol DF is not prominent enough at the present stage of the road map document.
Adam will contact Angela Bracco to include a new bullet in the NUPECC Long Range Plan recommendation to stress the support for the EURISOL-DF initiative.
We should also think about more Eurisol related applications and include them in the corresponding chapter.
6. The Users Group and the updating of the Eurisol mailing list. The present list was already updated by Angela Bonaccorso and Yorick Blumenfeld a couple of years ago. It contains more than 1000 addresses and it has been transferred to IFIC. To refine it further one needs help from the different countries involved. It was decided that the present members of the UEC will take this task on board while for the remaining countries, not covered by the present committee, the names of contact persons were suggested. The final list is as follows:
France , Didier Beaumel,
Switzerland, Maria Borge,
Italy, Giacomo de Angelis,
Portugal, Lidia Ferreira, Portugal,;
Poland, Adam Maj,
Finland, Iain Moore,
Belgium, Riccardo Raabe,
Spain, Berta Rubio,
Germany, Haik Simon,
Sweden, J. Cederkall,
Denmark, K. Riisager,
UK, A. Andreyev,
Romania, Kalin Ur,
Bulgaria D. Balabanski
Hungary, Z. Fülop,
Croatia, Suzana Szilner, (Suzana.Szilner@irb.hr )

Turkey, R.B.Cakirli,
Greece, Nikolas Patronis (npatronis@uoi.gr),
Slovakia, Marti Veselsky (Martin.Veselsky@cern.ch),

Action:- Berta Rubio to write to all these people and send them the present list of mailing addresses in plain text format.
7. The proposed Eurisol DF means a fundamental change to the way the community has operated in the past and naturally brings added value in terms of complementarity in experiments and collaboration among groups with different expertise, shared resources (equipment), among other things.
The UEC thought that the role of the users in making real all these new ideas is very important and it was proposed to hold a Workshop in the Autumn of this year where the community can discuss this in detail, thus ensuring a bottom-up approach to the directors of the facilities involved in Eurisol-DF.
Lidia Ferreira has kindly agreed to organise the meeting in Lisbon with the proposed days being 15th and 16th, November 2017 (meanwhile Lidia has confirmed the availability of the meeting place for these dates). It is proposed to have a Eurisol UEC meeting on the morning of the 15th .
It was also proposed to have in the next Colloque GANIL (October 2017, 15th-20th) co-organised by Yorick Blumenfeld one short session on Eurisol DF with the presentation of the facility, some physics related session and information on the already submitted ESFRI application.
Other decisions
The importance of the applications was mentioned again and the possible need to include an expert in the Eurisol UEC.
We should think about one physics case and one instrumentation presentation for the ESFRI application. The next telephone call was scheduled for the 8th of March at 11.00 to decide on that. With a decision on the topic before the 1st of March. BR will try to organise a telephone conference of better quality for the 8th of March.
It was decided to send an e-mail to all users with the main outcome of this meeting. This was done on Feb 20th.

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