2009 Topical Meeting

August 27, 2009 on 6:22 pm | In Conferences | 1 Comment

Towards the end of this year (9-11/12/2009), we shall held the first EURISOL UG topical meeting. The topic of this year’s meeting is :

“The formation and structure of r-process nuclei, between N=50 and 82 (including 78Ni and 132Sn areas)”

The venue will be Catania and the meeting will be jointly organized by us (UEC) and our colleagues from the INFN-LNS, Sezione di Catania and Dipartimento di Fisica. Catania has been chosen because it has already a very active group in Nuclear Astrophysics, and hosts the LNS, one of the laboratories in the EC we wish to encourage and support in their Nuclear Physics activities.

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