Minutes of the Valencia UEC meeting, 21-2-2011.

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Minutes of UEC meeting at Astoria Hotel, Valencia, Spain, 21-2-2011, 20:30h-22:30h

Present: D. Ackermann, B. Blank, Y. Blumenfeld (invited), A. Bonaccorso, L. Ferreira, H. Fynbo, A. Jokinen, M. Lewitowicz, A. Maj, B. Rubio (invited). Excused: P. Regan.

Berta Rubio, Yorick Blumenfeld and Angela Bonaccorso comment on the first day of the meeting: all is going well with lot of discussions. The program is very dense but the subject is also quite wide. A number of people could not be accepted for talks because they did not understand the way the INDICO system works, disconnecting registration from abstracts. There is discussion on the drawbacks of INDICO compared to other conference website systems like the one at GANIL, or other homemade systems. Berta leaves at 21:15h because of an interview commitment.

Proposals for the 2012 Town Meeting and topical Meeting:

Lidia Ferreira proposes Lisbon and as subject of the topical meeting there is a general consensus on light nuclei (i.e everything below fission fragments, few body, clustering). Yorick reports on a proposal from the director of the IPN to hold the 2012 meeting at Orsay. Dieter and Marek suggest to have one of the next meetings on SHE. They report on a SHE meeting which is planned for next year within the ENSAR network activity (NA) ECOS Task 2 “Synergies in Super Heavy Element Research”. It might be possible to combine the topical meeting within the ENSAR framework with the activity of the ECOS network which has a workpackage on SHE. There are various comments on past SHE activities and related meetings. Adam Maj suggests to hold the 2013 topical meeting in Poland. Ari informs that also Jyväskylä would be ready to organize a topical meeting in 2013 on the SHE subject which would be quite appropriate for them. It is decided that these various places will come to the next UEC meeting with more definite proposals. On that occasion the final choice will be made. There is a discussion on which location in Orsay could be used for the meeting (the LAL?) and on the fact that Orsay does not have good hotels. Marek informs that GANIL would probably like to host the final 2014 meetings. At this stage it is clear that there cannot be two meetings in France. It is decided that Orsay and GANIL will negotiate between themselves and propose a joint organization for the 2014 meeting.

Then the dates are discussed for the next Topical Meeting. Yorick proposes the first half of 2012. It is said that in Lisbon also early Autumn could be nice. The important thing is to avoid periods with a lot of other conferences.
There is a discussion on the financial support which is needed to organize each meeting and on the complications certain countries have in spending the money from the EC. CERN, France and Finland instead deal easily with money. It has to be checked if the original ENSAR contract contains already exact percentages of each item on which money can be spent (consumable, domestic travel, international travel…etc) (At the date of publication of these minutes we know that the answer is YES).

The 2012 topical meeting would be combined with a town meeting. Yorick says that one and a half day for the Town Meeting should be enough. There would be a physics talk presenting a summary of the previous two Town Meetings, a talk on the technical advances, R&D, and one on the beginning of work under the NuPNET contract and TIARA, a talk on related facilities like ESS, MYRRHA and high power targets.
It is also mentioned that at some stage in a couple of years Isolde, GANIL and GSI will probably stop beam time for about one year at the same time and there will be problems spending the transnational access money.

Advertise various ENSAR activities via webpage once that is properly set up and permissions from the EU granted.

Next meeting probably during ARIS2011 in Luven.

Minutes of the UEC meeting, Friday 10th December 2010, CERN, Geneva.

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Minutes of the EURISOL UEC meeting Friday 10th December 2010, CERN, Geneva, ISOLDE visitors room n. 26-1-022, 14:00-16:00h.

Present: D. Ackermann, Y. Blumenfeld (invited), A. Bonaccorso, L. Ferreira, A. Jokinen (by phone), M. Lewitowicz, P. Regan, K. Riisager (on behalf of H. Fynbo), B. Rubio (invited). Excused: A. Maj, B. Blank.


Y. Blumenfeld: News on EURISOL.

• EURISOL DS financial report approved but new forms requested by EC to be filled, thus the final part of the EC budget will arrive only in some months.
EURISOL MoU will be sent around in the coming few months. ITN (Portugal) will join in a new collaboration. A copy will be sent also to the UEC members.
Collaboration coordination, including finances will be ensured at GANIL once the MoU is signed by at least 3 partners.
EURISOL-NET in ENSAR: Kadi will contact correspondents in the participating labs for technical issues. Print-out of the Minutes of Topical Workshops to be discussed once the MoU is signed.

• EURISOL initiatives:
ENSAR Network, there are five participants, CERN, INFN, GANIL, CNRS/IN2P3, Jyväskylä.
There are two tasks in the net:, 1st: Coordination and Development of ISOLDE facilities, task leader Yacine Kadi; 2nd : Physics & Instrumentation, leader A. Bonaccorso will update the Scientific Case, based on Users Group meetings.

• Discussion on MYRRHA and possible future link with EURISOL.

• TIARA WP9 Starting date probably February 1st, 2011, contains developments for EURISOL.

• NuPNET: 4 countries (F, B, I, SF) might contribute to EURISOL project -> Workshop to discuss the proposals will be organised in March 2011. NUPNET – a net of funding agencies in nuclear physics- will coordinate the funding. A pilot project will be selected and funded.
( Task pilot projects:
1st topic: R&D on new detector technologies in nuclear physics.
* Gamma and neutron detection technologies based on new scintillation materials and new photo-sensors (APDs, SiPMs…)
* Silicon and micropatterned gas tracking detectors (GEM, Micromegas): low and high energy applications
* Large-area diamond detectors for beam monitoring or timing.
These technologies are important for the nuclear research infrastructures selected in the ESFRI list: FAIR and SPIRAL2.
2nd topic: R&D on EURISOL technologies: accelerator components, targets and ion sources.
3rd topic: Targeted action on nuclear structure and reactions theory.
More details at http://www.nupnet-eu.org/wps/portal/nupnet-call.html. Projects will be submitted to NUPNET in February, however each country has to contribute in the funding. Money does not come from Brussels. Berta informs that Spain will not contribute to EURISOL. Ari thinks that the March meeting will be important to discuss these projects, and A. Bracco should be invited to explain the conditions. Belgians should also be invited in order to get more involved in EURISOL.

• Berta Rubio reports on the preparation of the next Topical meeting in Valencia.

• Approval of the Report on the Catania 2010 Topical Meeting and of a possible template to be used for future reports (IOP style). The graphical form of the Report can be made more appealing by adding the EURISOL logo and Web page address for example. The report was approved with various comments implemented.

• Printed reports should be made for each meeting. The report of the Catania meeting, will be distributed during the Valencia meeting. A new EURISOL report should be completed in a few months.

• Possible amendment to the Charter:
A sentence indicating that the chair and vice-chair can be renewed only once will be added.

• Election of the new chair and vice-chair of the UEC:
Angela and Ari are re-elected unanimously.

• Choice of the date and place of the next meeting:
Monday Feb. 21st is proposed at dinnet time. The date should be confirmed by the UEC members in the coming few weeks.

Elections of four new members of the UEC

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The elections for replacing four members of the UEC have taken place in the period 21-28 May 2010. Candidates were the current members of the UEC plus

Adam Maj (PL)
Andrei Andreyev (GB)
Christian Forssen (S)
Daniel Napoli (I)
Dave Jenkins (GB)
Feisal Azaies (F)
Giacomo Cuttone (I)
Gilles de France (F)
Hans Fynbo (DK)
Lidia Ferreira (P)
Luis Mario Fraile (E)
Marc Labiche (GB)
Marco Cinausero (I)
Marek Ploszajczak (F)
Maria Colonna (I)
Michael Block (D)
Paddy Regan (GB)
Sara Pirrone (I)
Valentina Ricciardi (D)

The results were checked by the “electoral commission” composed by Yorick Blumenfeld and Alberto Facco for the Eurisol Office, Juha Äystö for the former Eurisol DS steering committee and Angela Bonaccorso for the Eurisol UG.

There were 187 voters and the new UEC is composed by

Dieter Ackermann (D)
Bertram Blank (F)
Angela Bonaccorso (I)
Lidia Ferreira (P)
Hans Fynbo (DK)
Ari Jokinen (FIN)
Marek Lewitowicz (F)
Adam Maj (PL)
Paddy Regan (GB)

Special thanks go to Giacomo De Angelis, Rober Page, Berta Rubio and Michael Thoennessen for their enthusiasm and work done in the past two years within the UEC. We are sure they will continue to support the Eurisol project, I particular Berta and Giacomo are already involved in the organization of the next topical meeting on “Neutron deficient exotic nuclei and the Physics of the “proton rich side” of the nuclear chart” which will be held next spring in Valencia (date tba). The present organizing committee is composed by B. Rubio, rubio@ific.uv.es (Chair), D. Ackermann, B. Blank, A. Bonaccorso, G. de Angelis, A. Jokinen.

The next UEC meeting is fixed at CERN during the Isolde workshop (8-10Dec) and in that occasion the new Chair and Vice-Chair of the UG will be elected.

Minutes of the UEC Meeting, Madrid, June 1st 2010.

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Present: Dieter Ackermann, Bertram Blank, Yorick Blumenfeldt (invited), Angela Bonaccorso, Giacomo de Angelis, Ari Jokinen, Marek Lewitowicz, Berta Rubio, Michael Thoennesen

Apologies: Robert Page

1. The first topical meeting in Catania
A. Bonaccorso announced that the report of the first topical meeting is almost finished. In a following discussion, some guidelines, based on an experience from Catania workshop, were collected to help the next organizer of the topical workshop. It was concluded that some kind of template or common instructions should be given for contributors. In addition, a strict deadline should be given and followed to avoid any delay. It was also reminded that the physics report is one of the deliverables of the EURISOL network in ENSAR (EU-FP7), see later in these minutes. Thus, a collection of the reports from topical workshops would also serve EURISOL network. It was agreed that Catania report won’t be printed, but it will become available electronically. Slides of the workshop are already available. The content of the report was also discussed. A general opinion was that the report should not contain political statements, but concentrate on physics update. Future requirements won’t be collected but they are included in individual contributions.

2. Next topical meeting.
First it was noted that ARIS will be organized in Leuven on 30.5.-3.6.2011 and the next PROCON is planned in Bordeaux on 6.-10.6.2011. Thus May-June 2011 is not a favored period. It was proposed and agreed that Valencia on February-March 2011 would be an ideal time and place. Berta Rubio will chair the workshop with help from Angela, Ari, Bertram, Dieter and Giacomo. An actual date will be communicated by Doodle. The workshop could be organized in the middle of the city. To minimize extra costs, it was agreed that no lunches or invited lecturers will be supported. It was also noted that EURISOL network may provide a small (~3000 €) support for the organizers.

3. Results of UEC voting
Results were published and discussed. Despite of the reasonably good number of votes, it was thought that an additional reminder of voting should have been sent. It was also discussed long and detail, if all results, including votes, should be published. Finally, numbers were decided to be sent out only to candidates. The present UEC also noted with satisfaction that the new members will bring new countries to EURISOL community.

4. Next UEC meeting
Angela will stay as a chair until the next meeting, which should take place later this year. Few options to combine major meeting and the next UEC meeting were presented and in the end it was agreed that UEC meets next time in connection to ISOLDE Workshop, 8.-10.12.2010.

5. Reports on various projects linked to EURISOL UEC
5.1. EURISOL network in EU-FP7 I3 ENSAR will be funded by 105 k€. Main participants in the network are CERN, GANIL, IN2P3, INFN and JYFL. The work has been divided to two tasks: The first one, coordinated by Y. Kadi focuses on the current facilities and the second task, coordinated by A. Bonaccorso, concentrates on physics issues. Planned town meetings on 2012 and 2014 could be combined with EURISOL UG topical meetings. The final deliverable, a report on physics is scheduled in the months 44 of ENSAR. It is clear that it is of EURISOL UEC interest to help Angela in this work.
5.2. TIARA- a coordinated action on accelerator physics was presented. This rather wide spread and technically oriented project has two EURISOL related tasks. The progress of TIARA will be followed.
5.3. Eurisol collaboration project office is preparing a draft of MoU, which will be sent to possible candidates to join in Eurisol collaboration. The draft should also be sent to EURISOL UEC members.

Thanks to Ari Jokinen for writing these minutes.

Minutes of the UEC Meeting, LNS, Catania, 10-Dec-2009

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Present: Angela Bonaccorso, Yorick Blumenfeld (invited), Giacomo de Angelis, Ari Jokinen, Berta Rubio; Dieter Ackermann, Bertram Blank and Marek Lewitowicz via SKYPE connection.

1. Apologies: Michael Thoennessen, Robert Page.

2. Approval of the minutes of the previous UEC Meeting:
The minutes have been approved without changes. Thanks to Dieter Ackermann.

3. New election next spring:
According to the rules defined in the UEC Charter there is the need to replace 4 members of the UEC before the end of 2010 (two years after the first election). Different election mechanisms are discussed: B. Rubio and A. Jokinen propose to go for new elections only for the four candidates elected with the smallest number of votes in the previous election. A. Bonaccorso and G. de Angelis prefer to go to new elections for all members of the UEC. M. Lewitowicz proposes to held new elections with two separate lists, one including the present members and another with new comers suggested by the community. This proposal seems reasonable and after further discussion is accepted.
Action: A. Bonaccorso will send a request to the community before the end of the spring to propose new names for replacing four members.

4. Next topical meeting:
The UEC congratulates the organisers of the EURISOL topical meeting for the success of the initiative. Thanks to the hosting laboratory (LNS) for the support.
Proposed topics for the next topical meeting:
Physics with secondary fragmentation (Y. Blumenfeld).
Neutron deficient nuclei (A. Jokinen, G. de Angelis, B. Rubio).
Light nuclei (A. Bonaccorso).
As possible sites East Countries (green field), Spain or Finland are proposed.
In case the topic “Neutron deficient nuclei” would be preferred it is considered that overlap with the next Procon conference scheduled in 2010 must be avoided.
Action: B. Rubio and A. Jokinen will investigate the possibility of hosting the meeting and providing funds. The topic could (slightly) be modified according also to the suggestion of the hosting institution.

5. NuPECC LRP: Y. Blumenfeld has presented the Eurisol physics case to the previous meeting of the NuPECC LRP. The Draft of the LRP will be presented to the community in March 2010 and discussed in the town meeting organized in Madrid in May 2010. There is the need for upgrading the physics case and for linking it to the NuPECC LRP (G. de Angelis).
Action: A. Bonaccorso will lead upgrades of the EURISOL proposals and look for links with the NuPECC LRP. It is also decided to have the next UEC meeting during the LRP town meeting in Madrid.

6. EURISL Office: The Eurisol office has been instituted and it is composed of the following members: M. Lewitowicz, A. Facco, Y. Blumenfeld, P. Butler.

7. Other Issues: None

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Minutes of the first EURISOL UEC meeting. Giens, 9 June 2008.

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On Monday 9 June 2008, at 21:30h, the following members of the UEC, meet at Giens, France, during the Eurorib08 Conference.

Dieter Ackermann (Germany),
Bertram Blank (France),
Giacomo De Angelis (Italy),
Ari Jokinen (Finland),
Marek Lewitowicz (France),
Berta Rubio (Spain),
Angela Bonaccorso (Italy).

Robert Page (UK), Michael Thoennessen (USA) were justified absents.
Yorick Blumenfeld and Peter Butler were also present on behalf of the EURISOL DS management board.

The meeting started with Yorick Blumenfeld, chairman of the EURISOL DS project, who presented the initiatives already taken or to be taken to continue after the end of EURISOL DS (June 2009).

i) Participation to the ENSAR proposal as EUR-ISOL network: now on waiting list forfunding, possibly necessary to resubmit for second call.

ii) Institution of an EURISOL Collaboration, following the CERN scheme or the EPS schemes (Marek and Berta to check the possibilities within EPS). This callaboration has received the support of NuPECC (new info since the meeting).

iii) Contacts to be made with NupNet to explore possible support.

In all cases the three European laboratories which are proposed sites for EURISOL (CERN, GANIL,INFN-LNL) must start some form of collaboration. It will be important to keep a web page (responsibility of one of the labs?). A number of technical R&D
tasks to be completed (e.g. test of the liquid mercury converter).

At 10:15h Y. Blumenfeld and P. Butler leave the meeting.

Angela Bonaccorso resigns from chair of the UG. A new chair (A. Bonaccorso) and vice-chair (A. Jokinen) are elected, according to the Temporary Charter, both with six votes and one abstention.

It is decided that minutes of UEC meetings will be written in turn by the members starting with A.B.
The meeting concentrates then on the analysis and improvement of the Temporary Charted. The final draft is enclosed.

It is decided that it will be presented at the EURISOL UG open meeting to be held on the evening of June 12th at Giens, then it will be posted on the EURISOL UG web page, for approval and/or amendments from the community, till 27th July.
It will then become effective. Should amendments be proposed the members of the UEC will consult each other and decide by Email.

Next UEC to be held in the autumn 2008 either in Pisa during the Unbound Nuclei workshop (3-5)Nov. or at CERN during the Isolde workshop (17-19) Nov.

Meeting closes at 23:30h.

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