Report of the 1st Eurisol User Group Topical Meeting

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The 1st Eurisol User Group Topical Meeting was held at the INFN-LNS, Catania, 9 -11 December 2009, on “The formation and structure of r-process nuclei, between N=50 and 82”. The report is now available at

First Announcement of the 2nd Eurisol Topical Meeting in Valencia

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Dear Colleagues,

On February 21th to 23rd 2011 the second Eurisol topical meeting will take place in
Valencia. It is organised by the Eurisol Users Group. The topic this time is
“Neutron deficient exotic nuclei and the Physics of the “proton rich side” of the nuclear
chart”. It follows the Catania meeting on “The formation and structure of r-process nuclei,
between N=50 and 82” celebrated last year.

As you probably know, the aim of our group is to promote activities in order to keep
the discussions on the physics at the future Eurisol facility continuously active and

A number of people have already confirmed their participation (see below) covering
the topics that we have considered essential. In addition, your experience at
present or future short term facilities, as well as theoretical modelling related to nuclei
“left from the valley of stability” will be an important input to the discussion and
undoubtedly to the development of Eurisol. If you are interested in participating
and/or giving talk, please register at the webpage before December 18th.

In order to facilitate your attendance, we are organising a short but intense meeting
right at the centre of the old city of Valencia (Colegio Mayor Rector Peset ). Valencia is an attractive city that combines ancient history
with modern life. In winter it has a mild weather due to the vicinity of the
Mediterranean Sea. Also in the centre of the city we are negotiating with
the Hotel Palace a special price for participants which will be confirmed together with
the second announcement.

Please mark the dates on your agenda and write to us if you have any further question
(to Berta Rubio, chair, or Maria José Gracia, scientific secretary, at

If you wish to give a talk please send a one page abstract to me at the meeting email address before December 18th .

Looking forwards to welcoming you in Valencia.

Berta Rubio,

on behalf of the organising and advisory committee:

Dieter Ackermann
Bertram Blank
Angela Bonaccorso
Yorick Blumenfeld
Giacomo De Angelis
Lidia Ferreira
Hans Fynbo
Ari Jokinen
Marek Lewitowicz
Adam Maj
Paddy Regan
Berta Rubio (Chair)

Scientific secretary Maria José Gracia
Tecnical support Carlos García

Preliminary list of topics and invited speakers

· Isospin symmetry and N~Z nuclei (in-beam experiments) JJ Valiente-LNL

· Isospin symmetry (reactions/beta-decay) Y. Fujita-Osaka

· Superallowed decays. Precise T1/2 measurements and BR J.Giovinazzo-CENBG

· Superallowed decays. Precise Mass measurements T. Eronen-Jyväskylä

· Rp-process F. Montes-MSU

· Spectroscopy of N~Z Nuclei: 100Sn and Neighbours T. Faestermann – Munich

· 100Sn region with rad. Beams J. Cederkäll – Lund

· One-p radioactivity P. Woods – Edinburgh

· Two-p radioactivity I. Mukha – GSI

· Structure of proton emitting nuclei E. Maglione – Padova

· Beta-delayed proton-emission, exotic decays in light nuclei M.J.G. Borge- Madrid CSIC

· Shape coexistence and shape mixing (mass 70, mass 200)

· In-beam experiments D.Jenkins – York

· Beta decay A. Algora –Valencia, CSIC

· Quadrupole moment measurements and shape coexistence with RIB, W. Korten -Saclay

· Dynamical symmetries P. Van Isacker – GANIL

· Alpha clusters M. Freer – Birmingham.

· Spectroscopy of SH or very heavy nuclei, decay tagging, R. Herzberg – Liverpool

· np pairing in N=Z nuclei studied through 2N transfer reactions. A. Macchiavelli –LBL.

· Collective modes in proton-rich nuclei, theoretical predictions for soft dipole modes in proton-rich side of nuclear chart
D. Vretenar – Zagreb.

· Aluminum-26 nucleosynthesis with proton-rich exotic beams. A. Chen MacMaster – Canada

· Explosive hydrogen burning studied with RIB. F. de Oliveira – GANIL

· Nuclear reactions- C. Bertulani – TAMU-Commerce

Minutes of the UEC meeting April 2nd 2009, Pisa

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1. Discussion on the Conclusions of the Town Meeting,
2. Future of the EURISOL User Group,
3. Next UG workshop,
4. Update of the Appendix on Physics with EURISOL.

Dieter Ackermann, Angela Bonaccorso, Giacomo de Angelis, Ari Jokinen, Marek Lewitowicz, Robert Page, Berta Rubio.

1. & 2. Discussion on the Conclusions of the Town Meeting and Future of the EURISOL User Group.

The main subject of discussion was how to proceed after the end of EURISOL DS (June 2009).
The present MB will try to establish a EURISOL collaboration. We wish to participate into the writing of the MoU among the national institutions which should support the collaboration. EC funds, if any, will not be available till 2011. NuPNET could provide some support. Also the possibility of contributing as UG to the next LRP of NuPECC will help the EURISOL project to proceed in the near future. In any case our design studies, prototyping and development carried out during the various phases of the EURISOL preparation have been and will be useful for the realization of intermediate facilities such as SPIRAL2, SPES, HIE-ISOLDE.

EURISOL site discussion

In view of the incertitude on the future of the project and in particular on the choice of the site, the possibility of EURISOL being a collaboration of intermediate facilities is considered together with a single site solution.

The UEC gives a very warm welcome to the EURISOL network as a collaboration of intermediate facilities and other interested parties as preparation for the ultimate EURISOL facility.

3. Next UG workshop

There are a number of possibilities for a EURISOL User Group Workshop during the Spring of 2010:

b) together with EURORIB, June 6th – 10th, 2010,
c) at the LNS, Catania,
d) together with the NuPECC Town meeting related to the Long Range Plan in spring 2010.

Also a topical meeting could be held together with the combined EURISOL collaboration and UEC meeting (Autumn-Winter 2009). Witek Nazarewicz has proposed as a possible topic:
“The formation and structure of r-process nuclei, between N=50 and 82 (including 78Ni and 132Sn areas)”.

4. Updating of the Appendix on Physics with EURISOL.

We will ask people to be involved in the update of the physics case, which then can be organized in groups regarding specific items which also chose a spokesperson. This will be advertisedvia the newsletter. A word template should be put on the web, so that everybody could come up with new proposals – we will act as the editorial board and distribute the material.

In this process we will encourage a larger participation by the theoretician’s community. Also the document produced by the FORUM for the Future in the GANIL 2015 process can be used as an example for the collaboration between theoreticians and experimental physicists.

Thanks to Dieter Ackermann for taking these minutes

Welcome users

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This is the beginning of our activities as an Eurisol user group. The first thing to decide is how we should be organized. Here are my preliminary suggestions and I am looking forward to your feedback.

The first step is to decide on the contents and activities.

you will see that there are so called “pages” and “categories”.

In “categories” I am thinking of having something like:
Eurisol user group news
News from labs
News from literature

For each category I (and/or you) will put news that I will collect from friends and advisors within and outside Eurisol community. I will not write all possible news, but just those which look relevant to our project. You will be able to do the same.

Finally “Pages” can be the real documents which will come out of the discussions.

The general idea is that trying to follow very closely all the progress in the exotic beam activities we should be able to go always a bit further and propose new developments for the Eurisol project. This will work if the administrators, editors and authors propose new ideas than the “contributors” will discuss by writing their comments on the blog. Of course the “contributors’ will be asked to propose anything they think is useful, then depending on the community reaction the people on top will decide which are the interesting subjects of discussion to be studied further and then posted on the blog as new documents under “pages”. All this should be rather interactive. I hope you understand that this is a new method to work together, therefore please try to be patient and constructive with your comments/suggestions.

In order to get started you should login. All of you who are interested in the EURISOL project should go to the link “Join EURISOL mailing list and User Group?” and register. For those who are already in the Eurisol mailing list it will be just a way to update and complete our database and then recieve an username and password to contribute to the blog. Please try to leave your comments and I hope you enjoy blogging!!

PS: If you feel lost you can write to me in a traditional way: I am Angela Bonaccorso, . But before doing that try to ask your children. Most probably they know very well what a blog is and how it works…

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