TASK 8 - SC Cavity Development

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The superconducting cavity development task will provide the fabrication and tests of fully equipped SC cavity prototypes and at the design, fabrication and test of a multipurpose cryomodule for the low energy section of the proton driver linac (also suitable for the post-accelerator). A test of the cryomodule with low intensity proton beam will be also performed. top
of the high power solid state RF amplifier development at LNL - EPAC 08 Conference

25/05/2009 -Task : TASK 8
Author(s) :F. SCarpa, D. Zenere, A. Facco (INFN-LNL)

This article reports on the development of the solid state RF amplifier at 352 MHz at Legnaro.
Spoke cavity developments for Eurisol - Linac 06 conference

31/03/2009 -Task : TASK 8
Author(s) :S. Bousson, J.L. Biarrotte, J.M. Dufour, N. Gandolfo, T. Junquera, J. Lesrel, L. Lukovac, F. Lutton, G. Martinet, G. Olry, A. Ponton, E. Rampnoux, H. Saugnac, P. Szott.

An article reporting on the latest developments on spoke cavities for the Eurisol driver
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