TASK 4 - Fission Target

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Engineering design and prototyping of the UCx target and ion source module coupled with the high power converter target and remote handling system, design of the target shape for optimum irradiation. A high Z solid converter will also be investigated. top
From 25/06/2009 to 26/06/2009
T04-05 - Task#4 meeting
Location: Saclay   
The last task 4 meeting will be mainly devoted to discussion on the different reports which must be provided. The meeting will be partially joint to task 5
From 25/06/2009 to 26/06/2009
JM-27 - Last task 5 meeting
Location: CEA-Saclay (France)   
This last task meeting will address the different reports which must be provided
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From 28/05/2009 to 28/05/2009
JM-26 - Costing Workshop
Location: CERN, Geneva, Room 104-R-B09   
Workshop on costing for Task leaders 10 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.
From 02/04/2009 to 02/04/2009
JM-25 - Joint safety-target task meeting
Location: Pisa (Italy)   
During this meeting one will deliverables achieved or foreseen, database, costs(?) and the last progresses like the MMW target calculations.
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From 22/01/2009 to 23/01/2009
JM-24 - Joint Meeting on Risk register
Location: CERN   
Discussion on the risk register compilation according information provided by each task
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From 17/11/2008 to 18/11/2008
JM-23 - Joint Task#5,2,3,4 Meeting
Location: ITN - Lisbon, Portugal   
Joint meeting on \\\"Safety and Radioprotection\\\" issues
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From 19/09/2008 to 19/09/2008
JM-22 - Joint Task#2,3,4 Meeting
Location: Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro, Italy   
Task meeting dedicated to the integration of fission target with MMW converter, ion sources, remote handling and target maintenance & disposal
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From 07/08/2008 to 07/08/2008
JM-21 - Joint target-safety tasks meeting
Location: ITN, Lisbon   
Review of the target station layouts : integration, shielding, handling, services.
From 28/02/2008 to 28/02/2008
JM-20 - Joint Meeting of Tasks 2, 4 & 5
Location: CERN, Geneva (Room 6 2-004)   
Topical meeting on the new multi-MW target
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From 08/02/2008 to 08/02/2008
JM-19 - Joint meeting tasks 2,3,4
Location: INFN-Legnaro   
Preliminary discussion on fission target parameters and remote handling for the MAFF target concept
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